Convert Patient Actions into Results

Conversion pathways that are repeatable, turnkey, and painless
Conversion Healthcare directs patient activity toward the path that will produce greater value and better outcomes.

Technology Alone Will Not Fix Healthcare

“If technology alone could solve patient issues and non‑compliance, we would have no readmissions, we would have eliminated $1.1 trillion in healthcare waste, and every patient would achieve their best outcome.”
Healthcare hasn’t achieved these goals because technology alone does not work. Patients are customers of healthcare. And in this industry, the stakes are high. There is nothing more important to a person than health. When the system fails to meet needs or expectations, patients leave; if they can’t leave, they stop complying.


60% of patients expect to be able to talk to a person during an interaction


47% of ALL patients experience some level of dissatisfaction


81% of patients demand improved response time


76% of patients say that customer service is the true test of how much they are valued

To Fix Healthcare You Have to Look Beyond Technology

You must mix people—trained and carefully selected—with technology to meet patients’ unique needs and expectations. You have to change your perspective from functional KPIs to outcome measures. Healthcare marketing shouldn’t look at leads; it should look at the number of new consults or procedures performed. Aftercare shouldn’t look at how many messages were sent to a patient; it should look at the number of readmissions avoided, gaps addressed, and satisfied (if not delighted) experiences.
We built Conversion Healthcare with the understanding that healthcare is like a symphony — all the pieces need to be coordinated and orchestrated. When patients have questions, issues, experience confusion, anxiety and a loss of orientation, they need real connection — frequently with someone who they view as a peer. And that connection must be genuine, timely, and lead to a positive outcome. This is why we can keep patients on the best path that will lead to the best result.

Converting Action to Results at the Lowest Total Cost of Performance

Rather than just engaging a patient, Conversion Healthcare drives patients to the path that will lead to a desired result.

Converting Action to Results at the Lowest Total Cost of Performance

Rather than just engaging a patient, Conversion Healthcare drives patients to the path that will lead to a desired result.

We solve for “Conversion Gaps.” These are the barriers that keep new patients from walking into your clinic or existing patients from following discharge instructions. We close Conversion Gaps by increasing a patient’s motivation, capability, and resources using context-sensitive prompts that combine technology-enabled protocols with activating human capital resources. Technology may find the Conversion Gap, but it takes a human to interpret and pivot to the right solution communicated in the right way.

Conversion Healthcare delivers Conversion-as-a-Service solutions at the lowest total cost of performance. Our turnkey and painless technology-enabled offerings drive change and compliance through a mix of protocols aligned to your goal. Our people use our own technology to identify barriers and create the links that push patients onto the right path across the continuum: upstream, in-flight, and downstream. This combination delivers the highest value while lowering demands on nursing staff, increasing revenue, and increasing patient compliance.

conversion barriers

Why Conversion Healthcare?

We understand that technology alone won’t solve for the barriers limiting a patient’s ability or the factors that lower motivation.

“You need people with a different set of skills to actually interact with patients at the right time, with the right information, solving the right problems, targeted to the right outcomes.”

Providers choose Conversion Healthcare first because we are proven and second because our solutions:
  • Deliver on improved revenue, increased patient volume, improved quality outcomes, lowered risk/penalty, and improved satisfaction
  • Are turnkey—we have the staff and technology ready to go
  • Plug into your existing processes—no massive IT investments or clinical workflow changes
  • Are the “Easy Button” for effective patient interaction and conversion–we already have the structured workflows and protocols, carefully refined hiring and training programs, technology components and the project management expertise to turn a program on in 45 days or less

  • Improve nurse capacity and satisfaction—we are a 5x force multiplier to your coordination efforts
  • Find and solve the conversion gaps that result in flat or decreased patient acquisition, patient leakage, and non-compliance
  • Improve the patient experience, satisfaction, and perception of care
conversion barriers

The Six “A”s that Improve Outcomes


Attract “best-fit” patients in the right location through targeted, optimized outreach.


Acquire and retain more qualified patients using proven, healthcare-specific strategies.


Align conversion through problem-specific solutions that drive the fastest path to a desired outcome.


Accelerate conversion by increasing an individual’s ability and motivation to improve his/her care.


Assure conversion using proven technology, processes, protocols, and human capital strategy.


Achieve conversion by driving behavior change and compliance.

Converting Action to Results

When patients stay on the right path, everyone benefits. Patients realize better health, providers drive quality outcomes, clinician burnout is reduced, and revenue is optimized.

This is what it looks like when we close conversion gaps:

Patient Acquisition Outcomes

  • 142.37% increase in organic traffic
  • 15% increase in in-office consults
  • 65% conversion rate from ad engagement to online seminar completion
  • A “best-fit” pool of new patients who are educated, qualified, and prepared for the clinical journey

Clinical outcomes

  • 29% decrease in ED visits for cancer patients
  • 55% decrease in hospitalizations for cancer patients and 60% decrease in ICU admissions for cancer patients
  • 41% decrease in readmissions

Satisfaction and Operational Outcomes

  • 90th percentile patient satisfaction ratings
  • Positive ROI in year one
  • Reduced provider burnout/dissatisfaction

The Next Step to Finding the Right Path

Conversion Healthcare drives patient and provider success through two brands:
Sequence Health and Guideway Care.

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Follow this path for our lead generation and new patient conversion solutions.

Sequence Health will get your practice in front of “best fit” patients and will facilitate the conversion of prospects to in-office consults using proven practices that combine patient advocates, customized prompts, and proactive and predictive technologies.
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Follow this path for our patient activation and care navigation conversion solutions.

Guideway Care closes the conversion gaps that exist between healthcare visits by solving the patient problems that lead to avoidable deterioration, inappropriate utilization, financial losses, and nursing stress.
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