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What Will it Take to Survive the Nursing Crisis?

An Impact Study for Hospitals and Practices Upended by a nursing labor crisis that does not show signs of abating, providers are looking to lay navigation as an effective solution to patient health…
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This Surge is Different and Harder to Manage – Care Guidance Can Help

With new COVID-19 variants driving up rates of ER and inpatient utilization, hospitals are trying to adjust. Some of the problems are the same: lac…
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The Radiation Oncology Model: Top Five Things to Know

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services plans to roll out the Radiation Oncology Model (ROM) in January 2022, which will cover radiotherap…
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The Emergency Room Showdown—At the Frontline of the Reimbursement Fight

Commercial payers have issued another blow in the fight over Emergency Department (ED) reimbursement, with the most recent statement coming from Un…
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COVID-19 Utilization Impacts Demand New Care Approaches

Projected long-term impacts from COVID-19-initiated behavior changes that will drive fundamental shifts to where care is delivered and how chronic …
The Oncology Care Model: An Overview
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COVID-19’s Impact on Cancer Care—Increased Complexity and Increased Demand for Care Guidance

As an industry, we agree that COVID-19 has made an indelible impact on how we practice healthcare in the United States. The virus’s influence…
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Addressing COVID-19 Health Disparities While Lowering Nursing Demands

In July 2020, the COVID-19 Health Disparities Action Act of 2020 was introduced to Congress to help address the inequality in outcomes impacting mi…
COVID-19 vaccination

The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Available—Now What?

With the COVID-19 vaccine roll out intensifying, the hard work of getting vaccines to patients is left, in large part, to providers. The complexity…
Preventive Screenings, Cancer Screenings
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Delayed Cancer Screenings Lead to Dramatic Decrease in Newly Diagnosed Patients

LexisNexis Highlights How Stay at Home Orders Have Impacted Preventive Screenings, Diagnoses Information and analytics provider LexisNexis recently…
The Radiation Oncology Model: What Providers Need to Know
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RO-APM: What Providers Need to Know

CMS recently announced the Radiation Oncology Model (RO Model or RO-APM), a mandatory, episode-based payment model for radiotherapy (RT) services. …
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