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What Will it Take to Survive the Nursing Crisis?

An Impact Study for Hospitals and Practices Upended by a nursing labor crisis that does not show signs of abating, providers are looking to lay navigation as an effective solution to patient health…
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This Surge is Different and Harder to Manage – Care Guidance Can Help

With new COVID-19 variants driving up rates of ER and inpatient utilization, hospitals are trying to adjust. Some of the problems are the same: lack of PPE, misinformation, and bed shortages. But t…
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COVID-19 Utilization Impacts Demand New Care Approaches

Projected long-term impacts from COVID-19-initiated behavior changes that will drive fundamental shifts to where care is delivered and how chronic conditions are managed. A recent Sg2 analysis pred…

Craig Parker Tells the Guideway Care Story in a Techbilder’s Blog

The story behind Guideway Care goes back to the early 2000s, when a team from UAB led by Ed Partridge and Mona Fouad secured a grant to conduct women’s health screenings in rural Alabama. Their goa…

Guideway Care Welcomes Chief Medical Officer, Edward E. Partridge, M.D.

Birmingham, AL, October 3, 2017: Edward E. Partridge, M.D., has been named chief medical officer of Birmingham, Alabama-based Guideway Care, according to an announcement by Craig Parker, the compan…
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