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What Will it Take to Survive the Nursing Crisis?

An Impact Study for Hospitals and Practices Upended by a nursing labor crisis that does not show signs of abating, providers are looking to lay navigation as an effective solution to patient health…
patient receiving radiation therapy treatment for cancer

The Radiation Oncology Model: Top Five Things to Know

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services plans to roll out the Radiation Oncology Model (ROM) in January 2022, which will cover radiotherapy episodes of care. Participation is mandatory in …
emergency department sign at hospital entrance

The Emergency Room Showdown—At the Frontline of the Reimbursement Fight

Commercial payers have issued another blow in the fight over Emergency Department (ED) reimbursement, with the most recent statement coming from UnitedHealthcare. Under new policy guidelines, up to…
Low-Value Care | Patient in a CT Scanner
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Low-Value Care: What It Is, and 3 Strategies to Reduce It

The phrase “low-value care” is frequently tossed around in discussions of healthcare spending, and there are whole initiatives dedicated to reducing the use of low-value services in clinical settin…
What Is Person Centered Care, and How Can it Improve Healthcare? Doctor Talking to Patient

What Is Person Centered Care, and How Can it Improve Healthcare?

Numerous studies have shown correlations between patient satisfaction and outcomes—two key performance indicators for medical organizations. Due to these trends, as well as an increasing recognitio…
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