Our Approach

The Conversion Gap

There are external variables pulling and pushing patients that make it difficult for an individual to interact successfully with the healthcare system. Socioeconomic, behavioral, and environmental influences stand in the way of finding the right clinician, adhering to a care path, and achieving the best possible health outcome. These “Conversion Gaps” stop patients from moving toward a desired objective. We solve for Conversion Gaps.

What it Takes to Keep Patients on the Right Path

To keep patients on the right path, you have to solve for the specific Conversion Gaps impeding a patient’s ability and motivation to stay the course – and you have to do this at the lowest total cost of performance. Conversion Healthcare closes Conversion Gaps using a technology enabled services approach that combines our highly trained care guides with condition/disease/action customized prompts—the conversations, interactions, nudges, and signals that are most effective in driving to an outcome.
  • attract

    We Attract

    We connect practices with prospects using motivating messages delivered through the localized channels where your best-fit patients spend their time.

  • acquire

    We Acquire

    We see that your leads are always engaged through marketing efforts, non-clinical triage, and treatment explanation that convert as many qualified prospects as possible to a consult.

  • align

    We Align

    We help patients connect to the right provider, provide disease and condition specific workflows and actions steps, and meet patients where they are.

  • accelerate

    We Accelerate

    We amplify the patient process to drive higher patient satisfaction and better outcomes.

  • assure

    We Assure

    We deliver transparency and visibility into every program through reporting aligned to an organization’s objectives (CAHPS, readmission goals, revenue, etc.).

  • achieve

    We Achieve

    We operate at the lowest total cost of performance, and reduce non-clinical demands on clinicians, especially nurses, unlocking capacity, reducing burnout, and freeing expensive and scarce staff to work at the top of their license.

Solving the Ability and Motivation Problem

Correct patient action depends on both:
(i) motivation and
(ii) capabilities/resources.

Our patient interactions impact the two most important variables: a patient’s motivation and a patient’s ability to take an action.

Healthcare tends to overestimate a patient’s motivation to do something and it fails to address the factors standing in the way of the patient’s ability to act. Are you missing the mismatch? Or are you struggling to find the right resources to address it?
Conversion Healthcare solves for the mismatch between the patient and the provider by facilitating a patient’s motivation and lowering the barriers that impede a patient’s ability to adhere to a path. We fill these Conversion Gaps through guides who use the most effective responsive, reactive, and predictive prompts delivered at the lowest total cost of performance.

Increase Ability

Make it easier for a patient to stay on a path

Address the practical concerns impacting a patient, get in front of the patients who are looking for your services, educate patients, help ensure understanding, and route patients to the best site for care

Facilitate Motivation

Improve a patient’s willingness
to stay on a path

Establish a peer-to-patient relationship, deliver asynchronous communications that are sent just-in-time and through a preferred outlet (e.g., text, email), engage with a patient’s care circle to ensure visibility and adherence

We apply prompts to address Conversion Gaps across every major intersection within healthcare.

the conversion gap

How We Prompt Patients to Stay on The Right Path

Driving to a specific pathway takes the right message delivered in the right way.
This requires a mix of advanced technology, flexible processes and protocols, and the right talent delivered as a full, turnkey solution that plugs into existing processes.

The Conversion Platform…

  • Leverages established process and disease/condition specific protocols that are tuned to a desired outcome (e.g., new patient acquisition, complex and chronic care guidance, patient satisfaction)
  • Combines a comprehensive HL7 listening engine with a high-performance rules engine to deliver predictive and prescriptive prompts across multiple communication modalities. This engine can consume any data source (CCD, Socio, Economic, Population, Genomic) and continuously learns using A/B testing, outreach vs. outcomes comparisons, pattern recognition, etc. This constant fine-tuning transforms the underlying AI into real action by driving the right interactions at the right time for the right purpose with the right goal
  • Ensures alignment and visibility into performance using an approach that starts by defining what constitutes success. Once we have defined the problem to be solved, we move to an assessment of gaps and interaction improvement opportunities. Because we work with our customers to clearly define what success looks like, we are able to report on the precise metrics that show progress towards that goal

The Conversion Process…

  • Translates the patient problem to be solved into behavior change targets and goals
  • Develops the solution blueprint, program-specific assets and prompts, and conversion plan
  • Supports implementation and program objectives from incubation through maintenance including ongoing reporting and risk mitigation
  • Aligns the prompts/assets leveraging the conversion protocols identified as part of the program and the underlying technology platform

Conversion Care Guides…

  • Drive the conversion of potential patients into the pipeline
  • Accelerate success by coordinating, managing and facilitating problem solving for patients. This includes coordinating appointments, managing benefits enrollment and verification, and improving full circle communication between the personal and clinical care circles

  • Identify and address the practical problems impacting adherence and compliance
  • Communicate with a patient’s care circle to ensure visibility and additional support when needed

The Next Step to Finding the Right Path

Conversion Healthcare drives patient and provider success through two brands:
Sequence Health and Guideway Care.

Sequence Health, a Conversion Healthcare company
Sequence Health Can Help in New Patient Acquisition and Retention.
Guideway Care, a Conversion Healthcare company
Guideway Care Can Help Keep Patients Compliant, Healthy, and Satisfied.
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