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Healthcare Isn’t Designed to Keep People on Track

Providers do not address patient gaps in the most appropriate, lowest total cost way.
As a result, patients cannot comply with a prescribed care path, which leads to poor health outcomes, poor financial performance, and low patient satisfaction.

How Providers Try to Keep Patients Moving Forward

  • Generic Websites—One size doesn’t fit all
  • Nurse Lines—A reactive, static approach
  • Nurse Navigators—Expensive with diminishing marginal returns
  • Doctors—Expensive without sufficient bandwidth
  • Clinic Office Workers—No continuity of relationships
  • Technology—Rarely produces behavior change alone

The Problems That Cause Patients to Veer off Course

  • Lack of Awareness
  • Ineffective Reminders
  • Transportation Issues
  • Fear
  • Confusion
  • Nutritional Gaps
  • Low Health Literacy
  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Financial Stress
Impact of Various Factors on Risk of Premature Death
    SOURCE: Schroeder, SA. (2007). We Can Do Better—Improving the Health of the American People. NEJM. 357:1221-8.
    Healthcare was built on a faulty assumption that patients will automatically comply—that they will follow a prescribed path that will lead them to the right provider and the right steps that will result in a healthy, profitable outcome.
    Environmental and behavioral factors impact a patient’s motivation and ability to adhere to a care path. And these effects cannot be addressed by technology alone or by clinical staff who are already overburdened.
    Evidence-Based Medicine Has a Faulty Assumption
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    The only way to effectively address changing patient needs in a dynamic way is to empower a human care guide with a technology platform that guides responses and interactions with patients—this is how you convert intention into action.
    Conversion-as-a-service is a way to interact with prospects and patients at the right time through the right means to drive a desired behavior. We combine technology with non-clinical resources to align cost, need, and outcomes at the lowest total cost of performance.
    Tech-Enabled Peer-to-Patient Approach to Ensure Most Patient Issues Handled at the Lowest Total Cost
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    Where We Serve

    Conversion Healthcare’s conversion-as-a-service solutions support patients, providers, members, and payors across the following:



    We help hospitals improve the patient experience, improve margins, build long-term provider-patient relationships, strengthen their reputation in the community and position their organization for success under value-based payment models.
    Health PlansHealth Plans

    Health Plans

    We help health plans drive patient behavioral change, improve patient satisfaction and quality of life, and realize cost savings through the reduction of uavoidable utilization.


    We help ACOs reduce avoidable inpatient admissions and emergency room visits, improve key quality metrics, effectively manage patients across the care continuum, increase patient interactions, and capture reportable data, including patient-reported outcomes.


    We help employers by providing support to employees when and where they need it, creating patient behavioral change and reducing unnecessary and avoidable costs.
    Who We ServeWho We Serve


    We help practices attract and acquire more of the right patients, ensure appointment adherence, drive referrals, and improve the entire patient care experience.
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